Floorfresh Lavender


Steam cleaners not only remove stubborn dirt without the need for chemicals but are also an effective remedy for bacteria & viruses

Floorfresh Lavender

cleaning on a budget

Mini spring cleaning check-list done with only one product - Floorfresh Lavender

Organic Solutions


Green solutions for drains, grease traps, septic tanks and much more.

Handi Clean Magic

handi clean magic

Handi Clean Lemon T611 is a cream cleaner that adds an extra sparkle on the surfaces it cleans.

Clean More Than Just Cars

high pressure cleaners

Did you know that you can use your high pressure cleaner to clean way more than just your car?

Delightful Ways to Use Shabba Delight

shabba delight

Delightful ways to use Shabba Delight Oven & Grill Cleaner T517

10 Uses for Mitsuki

mitsuki scale remover

Ten different uses for Mitsuki Scale Remover T452

Floor Care Chemical Guide


Our Floor Care Chemical Guide helps you select the correct product for different kinds of floors

Different Types of Cleaning

Cleaning vs Sanitising vs Disinfecting

The difference between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting surfaces and objects

About GK10 Technology

about GK10

About GK10, a disinfectant technology with the power to kill gently