10 different uses for mitsuki

Mitsuki Green Scale Remover (T452) is an eco-friendly and non-toxic descaler that does more than just remove limescale from kettles and coffee machines.

Mitsuki T452

1. Descale appliances

Use this method for descaling kettles, coffee machines, steam cookers, egg boilers and more. Add ½ cup to a full cup (125ml to 250ml) of Mitsuki to your appliance’s water tank and top with at least with 1L of water. Switch on your machine and allow to run and then leave to work for a few minutes afterwards. Drain the water and rinse well. Repeat if necessary. Regularly descaling your appliance helps it to last longer and use less electricity.

2. Descale showerheads & faucets

Limescale build up can reduce the flow of water from your showerhead or tap. Restore full flow by pouring Mitsuki in a plastic bag and tying it around the showerhead or faucet. Leave it for about 10 minutes to work (or longer for heavier deposits). Remove the bag and open the tap to run for a few seconds. Wipe down with a cloth.

3. Descale & clean your dishwasher

Add a cup of Mitsuki (250ml) into the empty dishwasher (with the filter removed). Select a programme without a pre-wash cycle and run the machine empty. Regularly descaling ensures your dishwasher consumes less energy and lasts longer.

Descale appliances
Descale showerheads & fixtures
Descale dishwasher

4. Restore copper cookware

Either leave the bottoms of your cookware to soak in Mitsuki for a few minutes, or for a more hands-on approach, add enough Mitsuki to 1 tablespoon of flour to create a creamy paste. Apply the paste thickly to the tarnished areas of the pot. Leave on for a few minutes (or up to 20 minutes for heavier tarnishing) before rinsing off with clean water.

5. Clean burnt pots & pans

Gently scrap off the larger burnt off residue. Return the pot to the stove and pour ¼ to ½ cup of Mitsuki and a cup of warm water inside. Bring the solution to a boil and allow to boil rapidly for a few minutes while it loosens the remaining residues. Pour out everything and then proceed to clean the pot as normal.

6. Protect stainless steel

Protect stainless steel from rust, limescale and oxidation by spraying on Mitsuki. Allow it to sit a few minutes before wiping the surface with a dry cloth. Rinse the surface with clean water and dry it again.

Restore copper cookware
Clean burnt pots
Protect stainless steel

7. Remove limescale stains from toilet bowls

Remove unsightly limescale stains from the toilet bowl. Wet toilet paper with undiluted Mitsuki and apply to the limescale stains in the toilet bowl. At the same time pour more Mitsuki into the toilet bowl to deal with stains at the bottom of the bowl. Allow to sit for 10 minutes before flushing away. (For stronger stains, use Taurpine T461 or Taurinal T462).

8. Keep shower doors & tiles cleaner for longer

Slow limescale build up on your shower doors, tiles, ceramic sinks and bathtubs by spraying down with Mitsuki in between showers. Mitsuki can also be used to clean plastic shower curtains.

9. Streak free mirrors & windows

Clean with Mitsuki for sparkling clean glass windows and mirrors. It combines a streak-free finish with a smudge and dust resistant barrier meaning you go longer between washes.

10. Reduce mosquitoes in your water feature

Want to reduce the number of mosquitoes in and around your water feature without resorting to harsh chemicals? Pour Mitsuki into your water feature and allow it circulate through your water feature.

Remove limescale stains
Shower doors & tiles
Recuce mosquitoes