Shabba Delight (T517) is a user friendly liquid oven and grill cleaner but its versatility goes beyond just that.

Shabba Delight T517

Clean cast iron

Clean cast iron cookware

Spray the pot or pan with Shabba Delight inside and out before placing in a plastic bag and sealing. Leave to stand for several hours or overnight. Remove from the bag and scrub with a wire brush. Rinse with soap and water before drying thoroughly.

Clean glass baking dishes

Remove baked on stains from Pyrex cookware with Shabba Delight. Place paper towel over the stained areas before spraying with Shabba to help it stick to the area longer. Leave to work for several minutes before washing as normal.

Clean glass cookware
Clean iron plate

Clean the bottom of an iron

Wipe the bottom of your iron with a damp cloth and Shabba Delight to remove any burnt on residues.

Clean a hair styling tools

Remove caked on hair products from your straightener or curling iron by wiping it with a damp cloth and some Shabba Delight.

Clean hair styling tools
Clean glass bottles

Remove labels & residues from glass bottles

If you have paper labels stuck to a glass bottle or even glue residue from a label already peeled off, you can remove the rest by leaving your bottle to soak in some diluted Shabba Delight, or apply directly to the bottle with a sponge if you're in a rush ;)

Clean white porcelain tubs

Remove stubborn stains or scum rings from a white porcelain tub by spray with Shabba Delight and allowing to sit for a few minutes before gently scrubbing with a surface pad.

Clean white porcelain
Clean tile grout

Clean tile grout lines

Brighten your kitchen or bathroom tile grout (epoxy type) with an old toothbrush and Shabba Delight

Strip paint or varnish

Strip old paint or varnish from wooden or metal furniture with Shabba Delight. Test on an innocuous area to guage the length of time needed for the right result.

Strip paint from furniture
  Don't forget to wear gloves when handling Shabba Delight T517