Hand Towels vs Hand Dryers


When hands are properly and correctly washed most of the bacteria is removed regardless of how the hands are then dried. Regardless of the drying method, dried hands reduce the transfer of bacteria which happens easily with wet or damp hands. Thus, effective hand drying is important in preventing the spread of bacteria.

Below we highlight the benefits of each method and the applications in which one may be preferred over another. Whichever one you pick, Taurus Maintenance Products has a suitable solution for you.

Benefits of Paper Towels

  • Fast – Paper towels are the quickest way to dry removing 85% of moisture in as little as only 5 seconds
  • Multipurpose – Paper towels can be used to dry hands but can also be used to quickly wipe counters, open doors, etc
  • High capacity – High capacity rolls are available for higher traffic washrooms and the ability to take a towel and step away from the dispenser means that no traffic build up behind a user waiting to dry their hands
  • Quick to install – Paper towel dispensers are quick to install, do not require specialist installation and can be installed independent of power supply
Paper Towels


  • Noise sensitive areas
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Food handling premises
  • Restaurants/bars

Benefits of Hand Dryers

  • Environmentally friendly – modern high-speed hand dryers are power efficient and the “greener” choice with a lower carbon footprint than paper towels
  • Space saving – hand dryers may be an option for smaller washroom that may not have adequate space for a paper towel dispenser and the associated disposal bin.
  • Less maintenance – hand dryers require less attention throughout the day and no refilling or emptying
  • Low waste – There is no bin to empty and nothing to dispose of or discard
Hand Dryers


  • Malls/shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Service stations
  • Workshops/non-food manufacturing

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