In an environment which is driven to seek cleaner and more environmentally-conscious processes without losing the effectiveness, SteriClear brings a triple-win to your environment: A technology which is more effective, safer and more efficient than anything else on the market today.

What is ActiGas® technology & how does it work?

It all begins when the tablet is dissolved into water, activating the gas molecules and dispersing them throughout the water. The gas molecules are 10 times more water soluble than any chlorine equivalent, enabling them to reach the targeted area faster and have a larger surface exposure to the target area (resulting in significantly less chemical required compared to the competition). These nano-gas molecules are so small that they can pass right through a reverse-osmosis water filter, allowing them to penetrate right through the cell walls of the bacteria, mould, viruses, spores and fungi. This destroys the unwanted microorganisms from the inside out, denaturing and killing them before they’ve even had a chance to respond.

Staph. aureus before and after treatment with ActiGas

Staph. aureus before and after treatment with ActiGas®.

Fungus before and after treatment with ActiGas

Microsporum before and after treatment with ActiGas®.

Yeast before and after treatment with ActiGas

Malassezia yeast spores before and after treatment with ActiGas®.

Selective Oxidiser

ActiGas® is also a selective oxidiser. The dissolved gas is designed in such a way that it specifically targets microorganisms (like the bacteria, viruses and moulds you are trying to get rid of), however it is safe to humans and animals. Just as importantly, because it only targets the microorganisms, it doesn’t affect the taste or flavours of the food or liquids which it comes into contact with. It targets thiols (the specific part of the molecule that creates bad smells) and denatures them. This results in bed smells being eliminated for good and not just being masked.


Another point to mention is that when bacteria recognise that they are under threat, they release trihalomethanes (THMs) which have medically been proven to be carcinogenic if consumed or exposed to skin. Chlorine and bleach treatments both release THMs because the bacteria recognise that they are under threat (due to the process of chlorination and because the kill rate takes longer, giving them time to respond). Another benefit of the ActiGas® is the fact that, since the gas destroys the bacteria before they’ve had a chance to respond, no THMs are released into the environment, resulting in a significantly safer environment.

Evaporates quickly without changing the taste or odour of food or water

Eliminates bio-slime & algae without needing to dismantle piping

Food safe disinfectant suitable for use directly on food on near it

Tablet format is compact allowing for easy storage and control

Fast acting. Disinfects within 2 min for surfaces & 20 min for water treatment

Works in any pH, regardless of acidity or alkalinity