OxySpa 8308

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Pool Treatment

OxySpa is an effervescent water treatment tablets designed to be a simple 1-step pool treatment to allow you to enjoy your pool safely, without harsh chemicals or strong odours. OxySpar 8308 is ideal for small pools for those sensitive to chlorine.

Pack contains 1 tablet. Each OxySpa 8308 tablet treats 1 pool up to 25000 Litres for one week.

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Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for small pools for those sensitive to chlorine
  • No other chemicals or treatments needed
  • ActiGas technology selectively destroys the unwanted microbes in the water
  • Effective against algae, bacteria, mould, viruses, spores and fungi
  • No need to monitor pH levels
  • Replaces existing chlorination and UV systems
  • Works within 20 minutes


  • Small pools/25000 Litres
Product code 14-OXY-SPA8308
Pack contains 1x 8308 tablet
Treats 25000 Litres per tablet
Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions L145 x W75 x H25 mm
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