OxyAzur 8206

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Water Treatment

OxyAzur effervescent tables dissolve quickly to treat unwanted microbes and heavy metals in your stored water, making it safe to drink within minutes. The ActiGas nanotechnology in OxyAzur selectively targets unwanted bacteria, moulds, viruses, spores and fungi and then evaporates leaving a zero residue, taste and odour-free water treatment.

Pack contains 2 tablets. Each OxyAzur 8206 tablet treats 5000 litres of water (One pack treats 10000L in total)

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Features & Benefits

  • Achieve drinkable water in 20 within 20 minutes
  • Kills 99.9% of unwanted bacteria, moulds, viruses, spores & fungi
  • Eliminates bio-slime & algae
  • Eliminates heavy metals such as iron & manganese
  • Zero residue for taste and odour free water
  • Works in any pH regardless of your water's acidity & alkalinity
  • Replaces both UV and chlorine water treatment systems


  • Urban stored water
  • Rain water treatment
  • Low infrastructure & rural residential water treatment
  • Agricultural stored water
  • Borehole water tanks
  • On-site water storage for remote workers


  1. Make sure all unwanted solids such as leaves or bugs are removed from the tank
  2. In the evening, add 1 tablet to 4000-5000 litres of water. Increase the dose up to 1:1200 litres if the water is murky
  3. Within 20 minutes the water will be ready to use. Treat once a week or whenever new water is added to the tank
Note: this does not replace existing filtration systems, but is to used in conjunction with them. Furthermore, it does not remove salt or calcium from the water
Product code 14-OXY-8206
Pack contains 2x 8206 tablets
Treats 5000L per tablet
Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions L145 x W75 x H25 mm
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