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Granular Chlorine

When used with other pool treatments, HTH keeps your pool sparkling cleaning. It dissolves quickly and kills bacteria and helps to control algae growth.
Use for killing bacteria and reducing algae growth in your pool. Use to treat or prevent water discolouration. Use to maintain or adjust pool pH at ideal levels

If using with other pool treatments, follow product recommendations.
Otherwise, for general use: With pump running on filter setting, add 1 cup (250g) around the sides of the pool in the early evening. Can be used daily or every second day.
Product code 01-080
Physical state Granules
Colour White to greyish white
Odour Strong chlorine odour
pH 10.4 - 10.8
Sizes available 5kg | 25kg
Soluble Yes, reacts
Biodegradable -
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