Cold Water Pressure Cleaner

Kärcher Center Taurus
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Reduce cleaning times and increase cleaning efficiency with a pressure washer. Suitable for vehicle and equipment cleaning, as well as the cleaning of indoor and outdoor areas.

Vehicle cleaning
Medium vehicle cleaning
Machinery cleaning
Equipment cleaning
Indoor Cleaning
Outdoor cleaning

Suggested detergents/accessories
Super 8

Super 8
Code: T419

More Info

High Pressure Hose

High Pressure Hose

Included: 10m high pressure hose, trigger gun, jet pipe, single nozzle

Not Included: Electrical plug, water connection, detergents

Product code 50-HIRE
Available machines Kärcher BDS 43/150
Tennant T12
Included accessories Pad drive, detergent tank
Optional accessories Black stripping pad
Blue cleaner pad
Brown stripping pad
Eraser burnish pad
Red buffer pad
Sky-blue hi-perfomance burnish pad
White super polish pad
Suggested detergents Carpet Glow
Double D
Floorfresh Lavender
Lemon Breeze
Low Foam Neutral Detergent
Mirror Floor
Ultra T2000
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