Equipment Rental Terms & Conditions

Kärcher Center Taurus
Joule Street, Southern Industrial, Windhoek, Namibia

How to Hire


Sign Terms

Pay & Deposit




  1. Contact us: Contact Kärcher Center Taurus at 061-370740 or complete the booking enquiry form online to find out our availability for the machine you are interested in.
  2. Read through and complete the Equipment Rental Agreement (terms listed below).
  3. Pay the rental fee and the refundable N$1000 cash security deposit.
  4. Collect and use your rented machine.
  5. Return the machine to the Kärcher Center by 9:00 on the date of return (if returned after 9:00, it will be charged as an extra day).
  6. Your N$1000 security deposit will then be refunded to you (if the machine is returned in the same condition as it was hired out).

Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions

  1. Under this agreement the goods do not become your property and you must not sell them.
  2. You shall not deface or remove any labels from and/or interfere with the equipment, their working mechanisms or any other parts of them.
  3. Take care of the Equipment and keep them properly maintained and only use them for their proper purpose in a safe and correct manner in accordance with any operating and/or safety instructions provided to or supplied to you.
  4. Notify us immediately and in any event within 24 hours after any breakdown, loss and/or damage to the equipment.
  5. Take adequate and proper measures to protect the equipment from theft, damage and/or other risks. (Insurance is Hirer’s responsibility)
  6. Notify us of any change of your address and upon request provide details of the location of the Equipment.
  7. Permit us at all reasonable times to inspect the Equipment including procuring access to any property where the Equipment is situated.
  8. Keep the Equipment at all times in your possession and control and not to remove the Equipment out of Namibia.
  9. Not do or omit to do anything which will or may be deemed to invalidate any policy of insurance related to the Equipment.
  10. Not continue to use the Equipment where it has been damaged.
  11. Where the Equipment requires electricity ensure that the proper type and/or voltage is used and that where appropriate, the Equipment is properly installed by a qualified and competent person.
  12. You must return the Equipment in good working order and condition, in a clean condition together with all insurance policies, licenses, registration and other documents relating to the Equipment where applicable.
  13. It is your responsibility to check the calibration of the Equipment on each occasion before use. Final determination of the suitability of the Equipment for your specific use is your responsibility and you must assume all risk and liability in this regard.
  14. You shall pay the agreed lease period of the Equipment upfront.

Breakdown and failure to return Equipment after Date and Time due back

  1. Allowance will be made in relation to the Charges for any non-use of the Equipment due to breakdown caused by the development of an inherent fault and/or fair wear and tear provided that you inform us as soon as practicable of the breakdown.
  2. You shall be responsible for all expenses, loss (including loss of charge) and/or damage suffered by us arising from any breakdown of the Equipment due to your negligence, misdirection and/or misuse of the Equipment.
  3. You must not repair or attempt to repair the Equipment without our prior written consent.
  4. You shall be responsible for additional charges accrued on any late days the Equipment is returned after the due date back. Late Returns will be charged additional day’s rate.

Loss or Damage to the hired goods

  1. If the Equipment is returned in damaged, unclean and/or defective state (except where due to fair wear and tear and/or an inherent fault in the Equipment) you shall be liable to pay us for the cost of any repair and/or cleaning required to return the Equipment to a condition fit for re-hire.
  2. You will pay to us the replacement cost of any Equipment (on a new for old basis) which is lost, stolen and/or damaged beyond economic repair during the Hire Period less the amount paid to us under any policy or insurance taken out under the Contract.
  3. You shall pay the Charges for the Equipment up to and including the date you notify us that the Equipment has been lost, stolen and/or damaged beyond economic repair.
  4. If the equipment is not returned within the time agreed upon for return of the equipment, Taurus Maintenance Products (Pty) Ltd shall have the right to take immediate action to recover the equipment or report it as stolen, in accordance with applicable local law.


  1. Renter agrees that neither they, nor anyone who uses the rented equipment, nor for whose benefit the rented equipment is used will make any claim, demand or participate in any cause of action or claim for damage against Lessor arising from property damage, injury, false imprisonment, intentional or neglect infliction of emotional distress, or time loss arising from the use of the rented equipment.
  2. Renter further agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Lessor and his respective agents and employees from all claims, demands, or causes of action or damage arising from property damage, injury, false imprisonment, intentional or negligent infliction or emotional distress, or time loss to anyone else arising from the use of the rented equipment.