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Concentrated Disinfectant

Tauracidal is a highly concentrated detergent that kills bacteria, destroys viruses and controls fungi and algae. Tauracidal cleans, disinfects and deodorises at the same time, reducing the risk of any form of contamination.


T466 is used for cleaning and sanitising hospitals, nursing homes and institutions where controlling the hazards of cross contamination is of prime importance. For use on walls, floors, garbage pails, operating rooms, restrooms, meet coolers, bed pans, etc. T466 is essential in industrial food processing plants, farms, dairies, restaurants, canneries, bakeries and for general cleaning and use on food contact items.

T466 is approved by EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), FDA (US Food & Drug Administration), SABS (South African Bureau of Standards).

Click here to read the difference between cleaning, sanitising & disinfecting


Light dirt - one cup per bucket of water (e.g. 1:50)
Heavy dirt - two cups per bucket of water (1:25). Cleaning beforehand is recommended
Sanitising food machinery and equipment or other food contact items dilute 1 part T466 with 600 parts of water. No rinse is required at this dilution.

For general use, dilute one part T466 with 600 parts water. For best results use T466 with cloth or mop to apply to walls, carpets, venetian blinds, air conditioning units, upholstery and cleaning and sterilising toilets and restroom areas.

Product code T466 🇳🇦
Physical state Liquid
Colour Clear to pale yellow
Odour None
pH 9.5
Sizes available 1L | 5L | 25L
Soluble Yes
Biodegradable Yes
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