Catalytic Converter & Oxygen Sensor Cleaner

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Over time deposits form on you Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor rendering your vehicle’s performance lower than it should be. Wynn’s Catalytic converter and Oxygen sensor cleaner optimizes the efficiency of the catalytic converter and Oxygen sensors by removing harmful deposits and restoring your vehicle’s performance.

Case size: 1 x 325ml
Case size: 12 x 325ml

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Key Benefits

  • Removes deposits and reduces emissions
  • Ensures optimal working of the Cat and the oxygen sensors
  • Prolongs the lifetime of the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors
  • Prevents OBD warning lamp illuminations
  • Improves fuel efficiency by restoring the air-fuel ratio
  • Restores engine performance
  • Especially suited for city driving cycles
  • Recommended for all petrol and petrol hybrid engines

Ideal for all petrol and petrol hybrid vehicles especially in stop start, city driving conditions

Directions for use

  • Add contents to petrol tank
  • One 325ml bottle treats 30L of petrol
Product code 534
Case size 12 x 325ml
Physical state Liquid
Density @20°C 0.853 kg/dm³
Colour Clear light yellow
Flash point 34°C
Odour Characteristic
Barcode 6001296005346
MSDS Download PDF
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