Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner

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Wynn’s Throttle Body and Air Intake Cleaner will remove sticky residue, caused by oil mist and crankcase fumes, from air intake system components as well as fuel residues, gums and resins. These tar like deposits build up on the idle speed control and butterfly valves leading to irregular airflow and erratic idling.

Formulated for modern petrol and diesel vehicles, will not remove protective surface coatings and is O₂/ Lambda sensor safe

Case size: 1 x 285g
Case size: 12 x 285g

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Key Benefits

  • Removes sticky air intake build up
  • Restores correct airflow to improve air/fuel mixture
  • Cleans contaminated EGR & idle speed valves
  • Restores smooth idling & throttle response
  • Cleans Lambda sensor


  • Irregular idling
  • Dirt and gum in air intake or fouled sensors
  • Bad fuel economy
  • Petrol and Diesel

Directions for use

  1. Remove air filter
  2. Start vehicle
  3. Spray directly into air intake in short blasts
  4. Allow the engine to recover and repeat
  5. Caution with over spraying into the diesel engine to avoid over revving
  6. Do not stray on painted surfaces
Product Code 533
Case size 1 x 285g
12 x 285g
Physical state Aerosol liquid
Density @20°C 1.325 g/cm³
Colour Characteristic
Flash point -60°C
Odour Characteristic
Barcode 6001296005339
MSDS Download PDF
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