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Adhesive Remover

Ready, Set, GONE! Bostik Glu GO is an adhesive remover formulated for the fast and easy removal of sticky, gummy adhesive residue from non-porous surfaces and some fabrics.

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  • Sticky labels, plasters, decals, tapes, double sided tapes. A wide variety of adhesives and putties such as Prestik, wax and chewing gum
  • Contact Adhesive, bitumen, grease, tar and asphalt from non-porous surfaces. Correction fluid from some fabrics and surfaces
  • Hardened mastics and other adhesives that remain after old floor coverings such as carpet and linoleum have been removed
Not suitable for removing super glue, epoxy, wood glue or silicone


Simply use the included scraper tool to apply a thick layer to the affected area, and then leave for 10-30 minutes. The adhesive residue will soften, and can then be removed with a cloth, scraper or similar tool. If the adhesive residue hasn’t gone completely, just repeat with a second application. After removal, clean the surface with soap and water.

Code 60-1-0409
Brand Bostik
Size 90ml
Quantity 1 piece
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