Sharps Container

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Disposal Bin

To quickly dispose of a used needle most Sharps containers are commonly mounted on a wall, door, or counter to provide a convenient place for healthcare providers. This helps decrease accidental injury from needle-sticks. Sharps containers provide a safe disposal repository that reduces the chance of blood-borne infections being spread. When sharps containers are full (reaching the limit indicated on the sharps container), they can be disposed. Available in 7.6L na d20L capacities

Features & Benefits

  • Wide opening for easy disposal
  • Well marked to ensure safe handling and storage
  • Clip down lids
  • Leak proof and puncture resistant
  • Temporary closure and definite closure
  • Comprehensive label details
  • Single use


Used for needles and syringes, scalpel blades, knives, infusion sets, broken clinical glass, glass slides, amnio hooks and ampoules

Product code 16-500
Colour Yellow
Capacity 7.6 L | 20 L
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