Infectosan Air Sanitiser

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Infectosan Air Sanitisers is an aerosol sanitiser for air and surface sanitising of general spaces including food production areas, offices, schools, doctor's rooms or reception areas etc. The product is safe to use around people, pets as well as plants. Infectosan products is so safe it can even be used around people with respiratory conditions.

Formulated for continuous air sanitising by using in conjunction with one of our standard Air freshener dispensers, this powerful sanitising disinfectant spray can sanitize and disinfect the ambient air as well as any surface it lands on. It is effective in killing odour causing bacteria while also combating mould and mildew. Infectosan Air Sanitiser eliminates germs, viruses and bacteria with a 99.99% killing efficacy with every metered dose spray interval. Our Air freshener dispensers cover a 26 square meter area.

Product code 05-XINFECT00142
Brand Infectosan
Size 250 ml
Quantity 1 piece
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