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Surface Disinfectant Spray

Liquidator is a ready-to-use surface spray disinfectant. It eliminates 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses effectively. It evaporates within five minutes and dries without leaving streaks. Free of colourants and perfumes.

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Ideal for use in a pressure sprayer system or for manual use with a trigger spray bottle. For disinfecting high contact areas and surfaces including work stations, equipment and vehicles.

Note: Liquidator is a disinfectant only. To optimise its effectiveness, ensure that surfaces are cleaned first with a suitable general purpose cleaner.

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Ready to use. No dilution is required. Spray evenly onto clean surfaces. Allow to evaporate from the surface on its own.

  Full personal protective equipment is strongly recommended to prevent exposure for large scale disinfection. Store away from foodstuffs in a cool, dry place away from sunlight & heat sources. Keep container tightly closed
Product code T929 🇳🇦
Active Ingredient Stabilised Glutural
Physical state Liquid
Colour Clear
Odour None
pH 5-7
Sizes Available 3L | 5L | 25L
Soluble Yes, completely
Biodegradable Yes
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