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Herschell’s industrially known “500-H” paste which is in essence a very versatile, clean, clear silicone paste that has a multitude of everyday long term home, office and automotive uses.

A clear silicone, non-toxic, “clean” paste specifically designed for plastic-to-plastic, rubber-to-plastic and metal-to-rubber applications. Its non-staining, non-toxic and totally clear colour makes it an ideal indoor lubricants


Features & Benefits

  • Protects battery terminals from corrosion and oxidisation
  • Renews the appearance of plastic and leather goods (apply as a polish)
  • Waterproof ignition systems of cars, boats and aircraft
  • Insulates and waterproofs electrical components such as exterior 220V plug points, trailer connectors, 4x4 vehicle electric control units and distributors
  • Lubrication of installing O-rings and seals
  • Lubricants wood-on-wood, glass-on-wood, plastic-to-plastic, plastic-on-glass, rubber-to-rubber surfaces


Use as required. Wear protective gloves when prolonged or repeated use is likely.

Product code 17007512
Physical state Liquid paste
Consistency 2
Working temp -35°C to 130°C
Colour Semi-transluscent white
Size 100g
Barcode 6009668201389
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