Garage Door & Gate Grease

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Herschell’s Garage Door & Gate Grease is an excellent lubricant for domestic & industrial sliding and roller doors and gates. Its white colour ensures far less unsightly grease marks/stains on job or hands. Ensures silent and fuss-free operation on all gate and door mechanisms, including hinges, pins, gears, worm drives, rack and pinion and chain types operations


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent for both manual and electric gates and doors
  • Unrivaled long term lubrication
  • Resists high temperature, shocks and vibration
  • Repels water and chemicals
  • Excellent metal adhesion


Clean wherever possible. Paste is applied using a brush or can also be pumped in a grease gun or central lubrication system.

Product code 17002145
Physical state Solid paste
Consistency 1-2
Working temp -15°C to 200°C
Colour White
Size 100g
Barcode 6009668201372
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