CV Joint Grease

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Herschell’s high viscosity mineral oil lithium soap based grease with unique non-separating formula ensures excellent C.V. joint service life.

The Hi-Performance boundary solid lubricant “Molybdenum Disulphide” significantly reduces component wear and fatigue. This is a high performance and universal Constant Velocity “C.V.” joint grease for the widest range of applications


Features & Benefits

  • High Moly and polymer content ensures the grease is able to protect constrant velocity and universal joints subject to high torque and centrifical forces
  • Lithium complex thickener ensures high temerature performance
  • Applications include plain bearings, guides and slides, spindles, ball and socket drives, splined shaft drives and threaded shafts


Use approximately 100g per knuckle or boot; this quantity may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Product code 17000776
Physical state Solid paste
Consistency 1-2
Working temp -35°C to 140°C
Colour Black/grey
Size 100g
Barcode 6009668201075
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