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Wynn’s Room Disinfectant effectively kills bacteria and neutralises odours in homes, offices, vehicle cabins and more. The formula has been developed to eliminate viruses including SARSCOV 2 (COVID-19) on contact. Wynn’s Room Disinfectant is a quick, easy application and leaves the room sanitized and with a fresh citrus scent.

Case size: 1 x 200ml
Case size: 12 x 200ml

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Key Benefits

  • Contains a QAC biocide which provides superior biocial action against a broad spetrum of microbial organisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae
  • Quick easy application
  • Neutralises odours
  • Sanitises hard to reach areas
  • Leaves a pleasant scent after treatment


  • Rooms up to 30m² per can

Directions for use

  1. Ensure there are no people in the room
  2. Close all windows and doors
  3. Shake can well and place on a flat surface in the middle of the room
  4. Depress the valve, hooking the catch. Do not inhale any mist
  5. Vacate the room immediately
  6. After 15 minutes, enter the room to open all the doors and windows before vacating again
  7. After anothr 10 minutes, the room is safe for occupancy
Product code 319 / 321
Case size 1 x 200ml
12 x 200ml
Physical state Aerosol liquid
Density @20°C -
Colour -
Flash point 13°C
Odour Citrus
Barcode 6001296003199
MSDS Download PDF
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