OxyFect SME Kit

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Disinfectant Kit

Powerful effervescent water soluble tablet that dissolves in water to create a food safe and residue free surface & air disinfectant. The ActiGas nanotechnology inside each OxyFect table kills unwanted bacteria, moulds, viruses, spores and fungi in under 2 minutes, and then evaporates leaving your surfaces sterile.

The Small Business Kit contains:

  • 1x 10L Dispenser
  • 5x 1L Spray bottles
  • 10x OxyFect 8504 tablets (each tablet makes 10L of disinfectant)

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  • Small to medium sized businesses & offices
  • Ideal for larger scale disinfecting including floors and rooms


  1. Fill your container with 10L of water before adding the tablet
  2. Add 1 OxyFect 8504 tablet to the bottle and then close
  3. Allow the tablet to dissolve for 20 seconds
  4. Once the water turns green, the disinfectant is active and can be decanted into spray bottles for use
  5. Solution lasts 4-6 weeks if stored correctly
  The disinfectant is only active if the water is green. Once the water goes clear, add another tablet to ensure effective disinfection. Store in cool dark place away from sunlight.
Product code 14-OF8504-KIT02
Kit contains 1x 10L Dispenser
5x 1LSpray bottles
10x OxyFect 8504 tablets
Total yield 10L of disfectant per tablet
100L of disinfectant per pack
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