G-Cide Aerosol Fogger

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Room Disinfectant

This G-Cide based aerosol fogger provides high level disinfection of hard surfaces and air spaces within a 50m³ area. It is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, moulds and spores  at a contact time of five minutes.


Suitable for classrooms, offices, consultation rooms, vehicles and any area where there is a high risk of airborne contamination.


  1. Remove people and pets from the area.
  2. Place the canister on the floor and close all windows and doors.
  3. Activate the fogger and leave the area. Alternatively, handheld application can also be used, walking through the area while fogging. Important: ensure the nozzle is pointing away from the face whilst operating
  4. Allow 10-15 minutes for the fog to disperse before re-entry.

Wear gloves, a mask and protective goggles when utilising this product

Product code 12-GC204-400F
Brand Columbus
Size 400ml
Capacity 50m³
Physical state Aerosol
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