Extended Life Coolant Antifreeze

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Cooling System

Wynn’s Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze is a premium ready to use (Type D) Organic Acid Technology Coolant and Antifreeze developed for the cooling system of internal combustion engines. It is designed to meet old and modern vehicle technologies made from the finest Euro specification glycols, anti-corrosion and anti-foam agents providing superior protection.

Case size: 1 x 1L
Case size: 12 x 1L

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Key Benefits

  • Anti-cavitation
  • Anti-calcareous and antifoaming additives
  • Alkaline neutraliser reserve for protecting the cooling system
  • Special OAT corrosion inhibitors to protect the different metals of the engine, including light alloys and aluminium
  • Extended coolant life protection of the cooling system
  • No additive depletion or fall out
  • Suitable for modern high spec vehicles


Specifications meets with the below manufacturers:

  • VW TL 774 D (G-12)
  • RVI/RNUR 41-01-0001 D Type
  • Ford WSS M97B44-D
  • Volvo 260
  • Mercedes DC 325.3
  • MAN 324 SNF
  • MTU
  • PSA

Directions for use

  • Wynn’s Extended Life OAT coolant/ antifreeze,is a ready to use Ethylene Glycol, OAT additive package and demineralised water mixture which does not require any dilution
  • Simply pour into the radiator filling reservoir until it is full, then run the vehicle until normal operating temperature is reached
  • Continue to top up while vehicle is idling until the full level is maintained
Product Code 360
Case size 1 x 1L
12 x 1L
Physical state Liquid
Density @20°C -
Colour Pink
Flash point N/A
Odour Characteristic
Barcode 6001296003601
MSDS Download PDF
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