Radiator Flush

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Cooling System

Wynn's Radiator Flush restores effective heat transfer maintaining the correct operating temperature which is essential to the longevity and efficient running of an engine. Wynn's Radiator Flush will remove scale, rust and silicate fallout which restricts cooling.

It will also remove oil ingress caused by cylinder head gasket or oil cooler failure and is compatible with all coolant types, conventional SCA as well as organic coolants. Aluminum and rubber hose safe.

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Key Benefits

  • Dissolves and loosens scale and rust build-up from radiator and cooling jacket
  • Restores heat transfer to effect correct operating temperature
  • Removes oil ingress from head gasket or oil cooler damage


  • Radiator should be flushed before refilling with new coolant
  • Change of coolant type IAT to OAT
  • Vehicle runs hotter than normal
  • Oil in radiator


  1. Shake bottle well
  2. Add flush to cool radiator
  3. Turn the interior car heater on full
  4. Bring the car to operating temperature at fast idle
  5. Continue for at least 10 minutes or drive for up to 20 km
  6. Drain and flush with clean water
  7. Refill with demineralised water and Wynn's Anti-freeze at the recommended ratio.
Product Code 511
Case size 1 x 375ml
12 x 375ml
Physical state Liquid
Density @20°C 1.090 g/cm³
Colour Light green
Flash point N/A
Odour Characteristic
Barcode 6001296005117
MSDS Download PDF
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