Triple Four

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Engine Degreaser

Heavy duty engine cleaner. Triple Four is our strongest engine cleaner - for use on engine blocks and extremely greasy surfaces and floors. Can also be used for removing soot from walls and as a bilge cleaner

Degreasing all types of plant machinery and equipment and oil removal from concrete floors. Can be used for bilge cleaning.

T444 is supplied concentrated and may be diluted up to 1:20 with water depending on the type of contamination to be removed. Apply by brush, swab, spray bottles, steam or high pressure cleaners.

Do not discharge into drains or in the environment. Dispose to an authorised used collection point.

Product code T444 🇳🇦
Physical state Liquid
Colour Milky white
Odour Characteristic
pH 2
Sizes available 1L | 5L | 25L
Soluble Yes
Biodegradable No
MSDS Request
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