Engine Cleaner & Degreaser

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Wynn’s Engine Cleaner & Degreaser is a Paraffinic solvent based degreaser for heavy duty cleaning of engine parts as well as exterior engine components.

Case size: 1 x 500ml
Case size: 12 x 500ml

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Key Benefits

  • Strong solvent action lifts dirt and grime as well as oil from fouled motor components
  • Effective on the heaviest grease build-up
  • Can be used in a high pressure sprayer
  • Easy to use squirt bottle for convenient and efficient cleaning


  • Cars, bikes, quads, trailers, bicycles, engine parts etc.
  • Avoid solvent sensitive materials such as paintwork and soft plastics

Directions for use

  1. Squirt Engine Cleaner & Degreaser directly onto dirty parts
  2. Scrub or wipe of loosened grease and grime
  3. For stubborn grease, allow to soak for a few minutes before removing
  4. Use in a high pressure cleaner for power cleaning
Product code 431
Case size 1 x 500ml
12 x 500ml
Physical state Liquid
Density @20°C -
Colour Red
Flash point: -
Odour Paraffinic
Barcode 6001296004318
MSDS Download PDF
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