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Brick Cleaner & Descaler

Brick cleaner and cement remover. Removes excess mortar, grout smears and construction dirt. Can also remove algae build up.

Formulated for removing scale, mortar and plaster from bricks, wood, steel and building equipment. Clean brick, terrazo, unpolished marble, cement, concrete, iron and copper. Deoxidises metals thus removing rust from steel and verdigis (green oxidation) from copper. Not suitable for use on enamel or galvanised surfaces.


Derusting: Dilute 1:5, 1:10 up to 1:15 with water depending on the level of contamination to be removed. Scrub with steel brush if necessary and rinse with water.

For heavy duty rust removal, use undiluted.

   Use with gloves and google. Avoid any skin contact

Product code T456 🇳🇦
Physical state Liquid
Colour Red
Odour None
pH 2
Sizes available 1L | 5L | 25L
Soluble Yes, completely
Biodegradable Yes
MSDS Request
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