Reinol Hand Cleaner

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Hand Cleaner

An industry leading solvent-free hand cleaner. Medically approved, it nourishes and disinfects the skin while removing grease, paint, tar, and most other kinds of dirt. Helps to prevent dry skin, allergies, itchiness and inflammation – problems associated with normal solvent based hand cleaners.

Ideal for removing odours, stains, dirt, oil, tar, bitumark marks, epoxies, inks, grease, paint

  1. Using approximately one teaspoon, work Reinol dry into the hands
  2. Add a few drops of water and continue to work into hands
  3. Finally add moe water to dissolve Reinol and rinse clean with running water
Product code 9040
Physical state Paste
Colour Yellowish grey
Odour Almond
pH 9.8 - 10.5
Sizes available 2L | 10L
Soluble Yes
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