Fleece Filter Bags WD

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Vacuum Filter

These extremely tear-resistant fleece filter bags have a high dust retention rate and allow much longer suction periods versus paper filter bags. Helps protect vacuum motor. (Part no. 2.863-006.0)
Extremely tear-resistant fleece filter bags with a high dust retention rate. Significantly longer suction intervals compared with paper filter bags. For all Kärcher Home & Garden multi-purpose vacuum cleaners from the MV 4 to MV 6 ranges and WD 4 to WD 6 ranges.

Compatible machines

  • SE 5.100
  • MV/WD 4
  • MV/WD 4 Premium
  • MV/WD 5
  • MV/WD 5 Premium
  • MV/WD 6 Premium

Features & Benefits

  • High dust retention rate
  • Enjoy significantaly longer suction intervals compared to paper filter bags
  • Tear resistant
Product code 2.863-006.0
Quantity 4 pieces
Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions L310 x W206 x H76 mm
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