Scott Control Twin Toilet Tissue Dispenser 7186

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Scott Control Mini Twin centrefeed toilet roll is designed to minimise risk where washroom hygiene and contamination control is a priority. With the twin roll enclosed system dispense single 2 ply toilet paper sheets, reducing toilet tissue run out and wastage and meaning you only touch the sheets you use.

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The Scott Control twin roll centrefeed toilet paper dispenser delivers maximum hygiene without compromising on efficiency. The white commercial toilet paper dispenser has controlled one-sheet dispensing for increased efficiency - helping to control usage, reduce waste and cut unnecessary costs as well as minimise environmental impact by reducing raw material, storage and transportation needs. The high capacity of this Aquarius™ toilet tissue dispenser means less time is required for refilling, ensuring there's always product available and allowing more time available for important cleaning tasks to improve your workplace hygiene. Accomodating two rolls, this twin toilet roll dispenser allows each roll to be run out fully before change, minimising waste from leftover rolls. As the highest capacity twin centrefeed roll dispenser system on the market, it is ideal for a busy washroom environments. The Aquarius™ mini twin roll centrefeed toilet paper dispenser is fully enclosed to increase washroom hygiene, protecting the rolls against cross-contamination and ensuring users only touch the sheet they use. Our touch free dispensers reduce the risk of cross contamination. The high gloss, smooth rounded design of this toilet paper dispenser has no dirt traps, allowing an easy one-wipe-clean for improved washroom hygiene. The patented dual door system allows one centrefeed toilet roll to be changed independently without disturbing the other roll for maximum efficiency and minimum waste.Perfect for small spaces, the flat-to-wall design of this centrefeed toilet roll dispenser only protrudes up to 133mm into the cubicle and is robust, lockable and fire-resistant. This toilet roll dispenser is only compatible for use with Scott® Control™ mini twin centrefeed toilet paper 8591/8595, created to perfectly compliment each other and lead the way in hygiene and efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • A hygienic dispenser with no dirt traps for easy cleaning
  • Fully encloses and protects the rolls within
  • Touchless dispensing as only the sheet which is used is handled
  • Effective paper dispersal for fewer toilet blockages
  • Never-run-out twin roll design means fewer refills are required
  • Controlled one-sheet dispensing for increase efficiency and reduced waste


  • 8591 Scott Control Centrefeed Toilet Tissue
  • 8595 Scott Control Centrefeed Toilet Tissue
Model Aquarius 7186
Mechanism Manual pull
Dispensing format Centrefeed roll
Colour White
Quantity 1 unit
Dimensions L464 x W274 x H133 mm
Weight 1.7 kg
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