Sebo Duo P

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Carpet Cleaning Powder

Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Powder. Sebo Duo-P is made up of highly absorbent micro-sponges which contain advanced cleaning agents. By brushing the Duo-P into the stain the cleaning agents break down the soiling which is then absorbed into the micro-sponges. Once dry the Duo-P can simply be vacuumed away.

Tested and approved by Woolsafe, DUO-P Cleaning Powder has a built-in fibre protector to help prevent re-soiling.


Wall-to-wall and loose carpets and rugs, upholstery cleaning for furniture and vehicles seats. Suitable for use on wool carpets. Its proven reduction of dust mites makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.

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  1. Vacuum the area thoroughly
  2. Spot clean with Duo-P
  3. Sprinkle Duo-P powder evenly
  4. Brush into the carpet/upholstery thoroughly
  5. Vacuum out when dry
Brand Sebo
Size 1kg | 5kg
Quantity 1 piece
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