Activated Carbon Filter

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Six-stage ceramic activated carbon filter. For use with the Countertop Water Purifier.
Soak in clean water for 30 minutes before initial use.

Filter breakdown:

1. Active carbon and silver activated carbon: activated carbon absorbs chlorine, carginogenic substances, iron, unpleasant odours and colour. The end result is crystal clear mineral water

2. Silica sand: eliminates acidic components from the water and maintains pH balance to make the water fresher

3. Mineral sand: releases minerals which help to adjust the water pH

4. WSM-300: kills any bacteria that remains after the first stage and prevent any bacteria proliferation

5. Zeolite: removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, gold and silver

6. Ceramic filter disc: filters away 99.99% of contaminants

Code 30-BT123
Quantity 1 piece
Weight 0.44 kg
Lifespan Recommended to change every 6 month
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