Brown Stripping Pad

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Floor Maintenance Pad

A conformable stripping pad for uneven floors. Effectively strips 2-4 coats of existing finishes.

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3M Brown Stripper Pad 7100 is a floor maintenance stripping pad made of nylon and polyester fibers in an open textured, non-woven construction. Abrasive particles are dispersed throughout and bonded to the non-woven construction with a durable resin system that permeates the entire pad. Unique design and durable construction make these pads the industry standard for consistent performance and long life.

  • Designed to strip floor finish from floor prior to refinishing
  • For use on standard, low speed automatic scrubbers and rotary floor machines (175 - 600 rpm)


This product is used with water-based floor finish stripping solutions to remove old soiled floor finishes and sealers. The product is also used to clean heavily soiled hard surface floors such as concrete when used with appropriate cleaning chemicals. The product is intended for use on standard, low speed automatic scrubbers and rotary floor machines.

Recommended surfaces

  • For use on finish-coated flooring such as sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, marble, terrazzo or concrete.
  • Ceramic, Concrete, Industrial Floors
Product code 7100
Brand 3M
Colour Brown
Material Nylon/polyester blend
Machine speed 175 - 600 rpm
Quantity 1 piece | 5 pieces
Diameter 250 - 500 mm
Data sheet Download PDF
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