Ecoflex Delux

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Hand Towel Dispenser

Practical and modern design to suit any up-market washroom environment. User-friendly and cost effective. Dispenses precut paper towels to reduce wastage. "No Touch" hygienic use, quick and safe.

The Serra EcoFlex Auto Cut paper towel system incorporates a Hands-to-Paper 'No Touch' Auto Cut controlled dispensing operation which remains a very hygienic, quick and safe dispenser to use. The paper remains hidden in the cabinet and therefore clean and dry from outside influences, thus preventing cross-contamination.  

Each individual towel dispensed measures 205mm in width by ±290mm in length. The controlled method of dispensing individual towels ensures minimum consumption, thus eliminating the problem of unrestricted usage and waste. 

Modern, attractively styled, durable product design. Front cover constructed from High Grade Stainless Steel available in Bright Annealed or Satin finish. Lockable - Incorporates sturdy Snaplock automatic locking system - unlocks/opens with the unique universal Serra Barrel Key only.  

User friendly - convenient and reliable cost -effective towel dispensing in pre-determined lengths - high absorbency paper roll in 1 and/or 2 Ply towel rolls. Guaranteed Auto Cut paper dispensing every time - ideal for high traffic public washrooms, e.g., airports, shopping centres, stadia, etc. 'No Touch' Hands-to-Paper Auto Cut towel operation eliminates the risk of cross-infection. Provides an equal controlled length of clean, hygienic paper towel for each individual user. Quick and easy to load.

Features & Benefits

  • No touch dispensing reduces cross-contamination
  • Modern attractive design
  • Lockable unit prevents pilferage
  • Individual towel dispensing reduces wastage
  • Easy to use
  • Unit is easy to keep clean


  • 737 1 ply SC0198
  • 915 2 ply SC0298
Product code SD1118
Composition Outer cover: High grade 304 stainless steel
Operation Pull down action
Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions H370 x W310 x D260 mm
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