Scott Frequent Use Foam Hand Cleanser 1.2L

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Hand Cleanser Refill

Scott Control Frequent Use Hand Cleanser. Foam soap deliver up to twice as many washes per litre as conventional liquid soaps and uses between 16-45% less water to wash hands. Dispensing the ideal amount of soap for each wash, preventing overuse. Hygienically sealed 1.2L provides up to 1748 washes per cartridge. Fragrance and dye free.
Elevate your washroom experience with trusted and familiar Scott Control washroom solutions, designed to support compliance control in the workplace. Where hygiene is the number one priority, choose Scott Control foam frequent use hand cleanser to support hygiene practices and help contamination control in your workplace. Our touchless electronic dispenser system supports high hygiene standards in the workplace as it eliminates the need for users to touch the product in order to dispense the soap, helping to reduce the risk of cross contamination. When the user puts their hand under the electric soap dispenser, the right amount of product will automatically dispense into the users hand. This controlled dispensing helps to minimise waste by ensuring users only take the amount they need, improving cost without compromising on hygiene standards. These hygienically sealed foam soap refills with integrated pump promote workplace hygiene with a new clean nozzle each time the handwash refill is changed. Each foam hand wash refill provides up to 1,748 shots per cartridge. Kind on employees’ hands for frequent hand washing, this hand soap is free of colour and all fragrances and is therefore effective in promoting compliance with hand hygiene protocols without compromising on care. The Scott Control foaming hand cleanser is enriched with moisturising and hydrating ingredients so it cares for your skin. The gentle foam hand soap lathers to deliver thorough and efficient hand cleansing and rinses quicker than a liquid commercial hand wash, saving time and conserving water. The handwash refills are designed for quick and easy installation with a simple push and click. When the foaming hand wash refill cassette is empty, it can be compressed to conserve space and is fully recyclable once the pump is removed. This Scott Control frequent use hand foam carries the European Ecolabel; your guarantee that it is manufactured responsibly at every step of the process.

Features & Benefits

  • High capacity 1.2L cartridge provides up to 1748 washes
  • Gentle on skin whilst providing thorough hand cleansing
  • The professional solution to help maintain hygiene & cleanliness
  • Colour and fragrance-free foaming hand soap
  • Formulated for frequent use
  • Ideal for busy washrooms

Suitable dispensers

  • 92147 - KCP Electric Skincare Dispenser - white
  • 11329 - KCP Electric Skincare Dispenser - metallic look
Product code Scott 6345
Dispensing format Pump foam
Pack contains 1 unit | 4 units
Colour Clear
Fragrance None
pH 4.75
Capacity 1200 ml
Shot size 0.6 ml
± 1748 shots/cartridge
Dimensions Unit L205 x W160 x H75 mm
Case L313 x W168 x H276 mm
Weight Unit 1.26 kg
Case 6.01 kg
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