Petrol Total Action Treatment

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80th Anniversary Special Edition. Wynn's Petrol Total Action Treatment is a strong chemical treatment for petrol engines which cleans the entire fuel system with a highly concentrated formula to restore the efficiency of combustion and the efficiency of the catalytic converter.

Wynn’s Total Action Treatment cleans before, after and during combustion. This product optimizes the efficiency of the catalytic converter and ensures the optimal working of the oxygen sensors by cleaning the active surfaces of combustion and exhaust residue.

Case size: 1 x 375ml
Case size: 12 x 375ml

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Key Benefits

  • Triple action cleaning: before, during and after combustion
  • Reduces CO and HC emissions and exhaust smoke
  • Improves combustion, engine performance and fuel economy
  • Our fastest acting product for complete cleaning of the entire fuel system
  • Instantly cleans and lubricates the injectors, restores and maintains ideal injector spray pattern
  • Prevents clogging of the EGR Valve
  • Cleans the catalytic converter and gasoline particulate filter
  • Compatible with all petrol system components including catalytic converters


  • All petrol engines including indirect & direct injection and hybrid engines
  • For petrol and bio petrol up to E10


  • Add contents to petrol tank
  • Treats 30L of petrol
Product Code 596
Case size 1 x 375ml
12 x 375ml
Physical state Liquid
Density @20°C 0,853 kg/dm³
Colour Clear light yellow
Flash point 34°C
Odour Characteristic
Barcode 6001296005964
MSDS Download PDF
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