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Bulk Soap Dispenser

Made of impact resistant plastic, the Serra Lee soap dispenser is push button operated and easy to refill. Clear container allows for soap levels to be easily monitored. Lockable. 1 L capacity

Manufactured from though, high impact resistant plastic, the visio body of the Serra Lee Soap Dispenser available in a Blue Grey (Lockable model) visio body.

The domed (arched) lid and button housing are finished in white ABS with a neatly housed black button (push button) in acetyl resin. The superior high gloss, high impact finish affords the product with above average strength, and naturally the Serra Lee Soap Dispenser is rust and corrosion free. The compact visio body provides an instant and quick visible liquid soap level check and the Serra Lee is easily and quickly refilled, on the wall, when the level of the liquid soap is low. The visio body’s transparent colour finish also protects the contents from ultra violet rays and other harmful light.

The dispensing method/system of the Serra Lee is hand (palm) operated by a gentle push on the button (Push Button). The system, which incorporates a ‘modular one part’ pump, is more reliable and superior to the traditional trigger or downward action methods. The particular housing design, incorporating the push button, makes the Serra Lee easy to install and simple to operate. The pump diaphragm incorporated into the ‘modular one part’ pump is manufactured from ‘high wave’ flexible yet durable material, which successfully prevents major fault and problem of clogging and dripping.

Features & Benefits

  • Modern,  modular, compact, attractive design
  • Lockable and vandal proof lid
  • Modular diaphragm pump is totally maintenance free
  • Extremely cost effective
  • No dripping or clogging
  • Clear body for monitoring soap levels
Product code SD1203
Composition High impact thermal plastic
Operation Push action button
Suitable for Liquid soaps
Capacity 1000 ml
Shot volume 1 ml
Weight 0.475 kg
Dimensions H260 x W80 x D110 mm
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