Double Bucket Mopping Trolley

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Janitorial Equipment

Double 25L bucket mopping trolley with wringer.

The double bucket mopping trolley consists of a sturdy mopping frame with castors, detachable wringer, two 25 L buckets in red and grey. This double bucket system allows for one bucket to hold dirty water while the second holds clean rinsing water without the two mixing.

Complete set consists of:

  • Double mopping frame (Code: 27-MOP1011)
  • Heavy duty metal mop wringer (Code: 27-MOP1007)
  • 2x 25L buckets in different colours (Code: 27-MOP10
Capacity 2 x 25 L = 50 L
Quantity 1 complete unit
Dimensions W400 x L800 x H950 mm
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