Basic Foam Cup Lance 2

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Foam Lance

New, robust and very high-quality Basic 1 cup foam lance with outstanding foam quality while consuming half as much cleaning agent. For high pressure cleaners with a flow rate of 700 - 800 L/h (Part no. 4.112-054.0)

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High-quality workmanship and the use of robust components, such as a brass base body, guarantee a long service life for our newly developed Basic 2 cup foam lance. This accessory is designed for high-pressure cleaners which have a flow rate of 700 to 800 litres per hour and do not feature our Servo Control function, and it impresses with outstanding foam quality. At the same time, your cleaning agent consumption will be reduced by up to half. An integrated plate allows precise, three-stage adjustment of the dosage and eliminates the possibility of unintended adjustment. In addition, the stable, robust and ergonomic cleaning agent container is also very easy to fill thanks to its large opening and is quick to replace.

Compatible Machines

  • HD and HDS with EASY!Lock & flow rate 700 - 800 L/h
  • HD 7/10 CXF
  • HD 7/14-4 M
  • HD 7/15 G
  • HD 7/18-4 M
  • HDS 7/12-4 M
  • HDS 8/17 C
  • HDS 8/18-4 C
  • HDS-E 8/16-4 M 24 kW

Application areas

  • Cleaning vehicles
  • Cleaning facades
Product code 4.112-054.0
Flow rate 700 - 800 L/h
Capacity 1 L
Connector EASY!Lock
Nozzle size 45
Max pressure 300 bar
Max temperature 60°C
Quantity 1 piece
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