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Scouring Powder

Multipurpose scouring powder that effectively cleans away dirt & stuck on substances on pots, pans, floors and other surfaces. Great for tough cleaning challenges around the house.

Ideal for removing dried food and other residue on ovens and stoves, pots and pans, sinks, tubs, toilet bowls, baths. Also suitable for cleaning gritty floors and tiles.. 

For kitchen utensils and pots, sprinkle on a wet cloth or scouring pad and scrub the surface.

For floors and tiles, sprinkle sparingly and scrub with a damp soft broom. Rinse all surfaces thoroughly after use.

Product code T401🇳🇦
Physical state Powder
Colour White
Odour Citron
pH 10 - 10.7
Sizes available 750g | 5kg
Soluble Yes, partially
Biodegradable Yes
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