KM 70/15 C

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Push Sweeper

This push sweeper sweeps 6 times faster than a conventional broom, controlling dust levels and guaranteeing consistent results. Dirt picked up by the roller brush is swept directly into the waste container, meaning minimum effort is required for indoor and outdoor use. Part no. 1.517-151.0

Sweep six times faster than a conventional broom.

Adjustable push handle for ergonomic operation.

Large 40L dirt hopper is easy to handle & empty.

Product Video

The KM 70/15 C stands out due to the 2-wheel driven main roller brush. The advantages of this concept are especially the good straight forward drive and the sweeping result when driving a curve. Even when there is only one wheel driven in close curves, the main roller brush works constantly which leads to an outstanding sweeping result. This agile machine sweeps well in right curves as well as in left curves. The height of the side brush is adjustable in four steps. The 20kg machine works with the dustpan principle: With little pushing force the dirt is transported in the driving direction into the 40L dirt container which is in front of the main roller brush. On free areas the side brush can be lifted off the ground. This way you can avoid largely unwanted dust turbulences. The dirt container has an ergonomic grip and is therefore easy to empty. The robust frame in the front is also easy to grip and allows easy transport e.g. over steps. The pushing handle is foldable and can be adjusted in three steps according to the size of the user. After using the machine you just fold down the pushing handle so you can store it in a  space-saving manner in the upright parking position.

Features & Benefits

  • Three times adjustable push handle
  • Side brush extends working width of the sweeper
  • Four times adjustable side brush height
  • Large 40L dirt hopper collects dirt
  • Foldable handle for space saving storage
  • Main sweeper roller is driven by both wheels
  • Large dirt hopper for easy handling & emptying
  • Operator does not come in contact with dirt


  • Side brush (1 piece)
  • 40L Dirt hopper
  • Adjustable push handle

Application areas

  • Courtyards
  • Garages
  • Small parking areas
  • Workshops
  • Entrances & pathways
Product code 1.517-151.0
Drive Manual
Max area performance 2800 m²/h
Working width 480 mm main brush
700 mm with side brush
Container capacity 42 L gross / 20 L net
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions L1300 x W810 x H1040 mm
Spec Sheet Download PDF
Manual Download PDF