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Window Cleaner

A fast drying, concentrated cleaner for extra clean and see-through windows. Effectively removes spots and grease from windows, glass tops, mirrors and any other glass surface. Can also be used on Perspex plastic.

For use on windows, glass tops, mirrors, Perspex (as used in dividers and shields) and other clear surfaces.


Dilute down with water as the particular job requires. Insufficient dilution with water might result in streaky marks. Suggested dilution is 1:50 up to 1:100 with water

Product code T749 🇳🇦
Physical state Liquid
Colour Clear
Odour Fresh
pH 6.9 - 7.2
Sizes Available 500ml | 750ml | 5L | 25L
Soluble Yes, completely
Biodegradable Not completely
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