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These machines are exclusively for domestic use only. Using them in a commercial/industrial environment will render the warranty as null and void
Kärcher (PTY) Ltd hereby undertakes that the appliance sold with this certificate is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, for a period of one year from date of purchase subject to the following conditions:

1. At any time within one year from date of purchase, Kärcher (PTY) Ltd, will at its election replace or repair without cost, if necessary through an authorized service dealer, any part found to be defective in this appliance. This includes labour and spare parts excludes Couriers transport charges.

2. This specifically excludes parts which are subject to normal wear and tear.  These include for:

  • HP Washers: High pressure hose, trigger gun, Dirt blaster, Vario power spray lance, pump unit, moving parts and electrical cables.
  • For Vacuum Cleaners: Suction hose, Suction pipes, Floor tool, Crevice tool, Filters, Bags

3. The removal of the serial number from the appliance will render this undertaking null and void.

4. Please note that this appliance is strictly for domestic use. Should this appliance be used in an industrial application the warranty will be null and void.

5. Kärcher (PTY) Ltd shall not be responsible for damages of any kind resulting from incorrect voltages or faults in the building wiring, failure to use the appliance in accordance with the operating instructions, COMMERCIAL USE of consumer appliances, use with chemicals other than Kärcher chemicals or cleaning chemicals approved by the company or general misuse, abuse and for any damage caused by fire, flood, civil disturbances or Acts of God.

6. It is a condition of this undertaking, that Kärcher (PTY) Ltd shall not be responsible for the transportation, labour, material or any other costs not specified other than those covered by points (1 to 5) above. If the unit is not used as per the operating manual. (Kindly refer to the operating manual), Kärcher (PTY) Ltd will not accept any responsibility or liability for loss or damage of any kind caused by or failure of operation or malfunction of this appliance.

7. Should the appliance be worked on by anyone other than an authorized service representative, this undertaking will become null and void.

8. Failure to produce the documentary proof of date of original purchase, will result in a charge levied for work done and parts supplied even if the appliance is still in the period of this undertaking.

9. Repair turnaround time for chain stores is 30 working days from date that the customer hands the machine in for repair / assessment on condition that the store notifies Kärcher within two working days to collect the unit.

10. Machines delivered directly by the consumer have a repair turnaround time of 15 working days.

11. All machines sent for repairs must be accompanied with all accessories, filters and filter bags.

12. All repairs have a 3 month warranty period to cover defective materials or poor workmanship. Please note that the above is not applicable to wear and tear components.
13. Declined charged repairs will be forward back to the stores, unrepaired within the 14 turnaround period.