Angled Spray Lance

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Foam Lance

Stainless steel lance WC and gutters with nozzle insert. Specially shaped for effective and hygienic cleaning of gutters and toilets and awkward to reach areas such as vehicle underbodies and wheel wells. (Part no. 4.112-029.0)

This stainless steel angled spray lance is suitable for use with a wide range of Kärcher pressure washers. Designed with awkward cleaning tasks in mind, the angled shape of the lance allows users to clean difficult to reach areas such as the undercarriages of vehicles or gutters. (Part no. 4.112-029.0)

Compatible machines

  • HD 5/11 Cage
  • HD 5/15
  • HD 6/15-4
  • HD 7/11-4
  • HD 7/11-4 Cage
  • HD 7/14-4 M
  • HD 7/16-4 Cage Classic
  • HD 10/25-4 S
  • HG 64
  • Pro HD 600

Application areas

  • Vehicle undercarriages
  • Rain gutters
  • Toilets
Product code 4.112-029.0
Material Stainless steel
Weight 0.56 kg
Quantity 1 piece
Dimension W174 x H45 x D405mm
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