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Taurus maintenance products

Taurus is the one-stop for all your cleaning products & equipment needs. Made in Namibia by Namibians is what we go by and all our cleaning detergents are manufactured right in Windhoek, Namibia

Kitchen Combo

01-03 December 2021

Tyre & Dash Spray

Cockpit Spray

C Thru

Car Care

Tyre Fix


Bunny Soft

Fabric Softener

Sebo Clean

All Purpose Cleaner

Apple Fresh

Concentrated Washing Machine Powder

Fabric Gard

Fabric Protector

St Anna's

Neutral Detergent


Thick Bleach

Pine Gel

All Purpose Cleaning Gel


Wood Polish

K 4 Classic

High Pressure Cleaner

FJ 6

Foam nozzle

WD 4

Wet & Dry Vacuum

Suction Brush Set

Vacuum Accessory


Rust & Scale Remover


Aluminium & Stainless Steel Cleaner

Plumber's Special

Drain Cleaner

Autosol Metal Polish

Metal Polish

Dish Ninja

Antimicrobial Dishwashing Liquid

Shabba Delight

Oven & Grill Cleaner

Skoert Vlieg

Fly Repellent Fan

Skoert Muskiet

Mosquito Lamp

HD 6/15-4 Classic

High Pressure Cleaner

HD 6/15 G Classic

Combustion Pressure Cleaner

T 7/1 Classic

Dry Vacuum

T 11/1 Classic HEPA

Dry Vacuum