Thermal Pulse Fogger

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The thermal foggers are mainly used in pest control and fumigation control of public places such as houses, restaurants, shops, warehouse, school communities, hospitals, etc. and is widely used in health and epidemic prevention departments, military bases and vegetable greenhouses. It can quickly kill outdoor gardens, insects, mosquitoes, etc. to eliminate epidemic prevention operations.

Thermal fogging is the generation of ultra-fine droplets um the range of 1-50 µm using thermo-pneumatic energy. Liquid substances are vaporised at the end of the barrel (resonator) and form ultra-fine aerosols by condensing on contact with cool ambient air, on being ejected, to create dense visible fog-clouds.

Thermal fogging can be used for pest control or any task where the substance should be uniformly distributed even in difficult to access areas and without leaving behind residues. It is also suitable for treating large areas and spaces while using the minimum amount of pesticide or disinfectant.

Features & Benefits

  • Long range - the smoke pulse diffuses up to 30 metres
  • Can be used as a mister or a fogger
  • Fuel tank and container are separate from the machine
  • Wide range of applications
Product code 48-TAU008
Cylinder displacement 210 cc
Power output Pulse thermo
Fuel tank 2 L, petrol
Fuel consumption 3 L/h
Output 80-120 L/h
Capacity 2 x 7.5 L = 15 L total
Dimensions L420 x W390 x H660 mm
Weight 12 kg
Range 1300-2000m² Mister function
3000-4500m² Fogger function
Dimensions L1150 x W260 x H320 mm
Weight 15.5 kg
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