Serra Hi Scrub Pump Action Soap Dispenser Bottle

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No-hands operation specially designed for all the health care industry and other high risk hygiene areas to help reduce cross contamination. Safe, user-friendly and easy to clean. 500ml capacity. Dispenser frame and bottle sold separately.

The Hi-Scrub™ especially designed for hospitals, nursing homes, doctors rooms, etc, is manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel, the reliable Serra® Hi-Scrub™ soap dispenser incorporates:
1. Stainless Steel Frame - Grade 304 & Stainless Steel Lever - Grade 304 (sold separately);
2. 500ml Plastic Container and Nozzle Pump .

The dispensing method/ system of the Serra® Hi-Scrub™ is intended for "hands-free" elbow operation by a gentle downward pump action. Dispense by simply pushing the extended arm downwards with an elbow, allowing the hands to be kept totally free from contact with either the frame or the container.

The units' dispensing head/nozzle unit is conveniently situated under the lever. This design makes the Serra® Hi-Scrub™ easy-to-operate and eliminates the major problem of clogging and dripping.




Elbow operated, downward push action



Capacity (ml) 500
Shot volume (ml) 0.7
Shot applications ± 700
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)