Serra F.O.A.M 400ml Soap Dispenser

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Serra® F.O.A.M system is an attractive, hygienic and lockable dispenser that dispenses a high quality foam lotion. Easy to use 'push button' operation with a pump guaranteed not to clog, drip or leak. Stainless steel

The Serra® FOAM Lotion system is 30% - 40% more cost-effective that the conventional top-up/bulk fill units. With a two (2) model capacity of either 400ml or 800ml and a single 'shot' of silky soft and smooth foam ±0.5ml, the Serra® FOAM Lotion system provides 800 - 1600 single 'shot' washes. A large in-use cost saving can thus be realized with respect to consumables, i.e., soap. The Serra® FOAM Lotion system incorporates an innovative silky smooth soft foam pumping mechanism. The new pump mechanism is guaranteed not to clog, drip or leak, thus, reinforcing the cost-effectiveness of the Serra® FOAM Lotion unit. Nothing beats the Serra® FOAM Lotion System for the best hand wash experience. Experience the State-of-the-art Serra® FOAM Lotion Hand Wash System and feel the difference.


Push button action


High Grade Stainless Steel Satin Finish

Capacity (ml) 400
Shot volume (ml)


Shot applications ±


Height (mm) 200
Width (mm) 100
Depth (mm) 100
Weight (kg) 0.9