UV Resistant Acrylic Floor Sealer

Taurus Manufacturing
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Floor Sealer

A heavy duty acrylic copolymer sealer/basecoat. Repellent properties prevents contamination by oil and water. UV inhibitor ensures non-yellowing in direct sunlight. Hard wearing finish keeps maintenance of surface to a minimum. Can be applied to vinyl cement, rubber, slasto, linoleum, ceramic tiles or any hard type tile.

T3000 can be applied to all the following hard surfaces: Vinyl, Cement, Rubber, Slasto, Linoleum, Ceramic tiles, in fact to any hard type tile. Adhesion to properly prepared cementitious surfaces is excellent and the material is completely non-yellowing.


Preparation of New Surfaces : Scrub & wash floor area thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry properly.

Preparation of Old Surfaces: Remove previous polish using T498 Wax Off. Scrub and wash floor area thoroughly with clean water. If floor is soiled with oil, grease or fatty stains, clean with T430 or T434 as per instruction to remove soiling and allow to dry completely before applying T3000.

Application: Apply T3000 using a lambs wool applicator, brush or roller. Each coat should be thinly, but evenly applied at approximately ± 30 minute intervals. Two coats are generally adequate; depending on the surface porosity - further coats may be necessary.

Product code T3000
Physical state Liquid
Colour Milky white
Odour Solvent
pH 7.5 - 8
Sizes available 5L
Soluble Yes
Biodegradable -
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